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Sunday, April 02, 2006


X-plorace game!!!!!!

On 1 April 2006, Kelab Penyayang Kolej Tun Fatimah(KTF) organized a X-plorace game which involved about 20 participates. There are only five group take parts in the game. My group is number five. The game started at Dewan Sri Berlian KTF at 7.30 am and lasted at Balai Cerap UTM. The game has five checkpoints. Each group must answer a question at all checkpoints. The blue paper will be given if the answer is correct. While, if the answer is wrong, the red paper will be given. Before that, a piece of biscuit was given to each group as a testament. The winner of the X-plorace game based on the fastest time and how many blue papers collected.

The day was very hot. Luckily, each person was given a bottle of mineral water. My group reached at Balai Cerap as a last group. Finally, we finished the game successfully. Even tired, I was very happy because that was the first time I reach at Balai Cerap. From there, I can saw the whole UTM region. After take a break, we took pictures as our beautiful memory.

About 11.00 am, we arrived at Dewan Sri Berlian to continue the close ceremony. The winner of X-plorace game was the first group. Congratulations….. My group was fourth place. But it allright because each group got their own hamper.

I hope Kelab Penyayang will success in all things and can be one of the best club in KTF.


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