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Sunday, April 02, 2006


Birthday party………
1st April is my friend’s birthday, Suhaini. We (Dila, Tikah, Yani, Baini, Are-Da and me) planned a crazy project special for her birthday. In addition, her birthday is on April Fool Day. We planned it very carefully without her conscious. At 12.30 am on that night, we went to her room. Hihihi….. Unluckily, she was sleeping. However, we were not give up. Our project must go on….We knocked her door until she awake.

We entered her room and sang birthday song special for her. After that, we gave her our presents. The presents wrapped with several layer of newspaper. First present, we gave her a pack of tom yam Maggie. Second present was a pack of crushed biscuit. She opened it slowly and patiently…. Until the last layer….. arghhh…the crushed biscuit scattered on the floor when Tikah threw a plastic spider on her hand. Hahaha… so funny! And the last present was a frog. She was lucky because we do not catch a real frog, as her surprise present’s birthday because of us did not have enough time.

After crazy slot finished, we elicited birthday cake special for her. I hope she do not forget her marvelous birthday party. Happy Birthday to you and sorry for everything. I wish you all the best in whatever you do and wherever you go.


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