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Sunday, April 02, 2006


This time, I want to share something about flower! I know that all of you have your own favourite flower especially girls like me. Do you know what is your favourite flower says about you? Okay….for anybody who loves rose, it means you are the kind of woman that will bring the Prince Charming out in a man. You also the kind of friend who gets called first with news (big/small). Despite your wide social circle and busy agenda, you have a secret need for time to be alone and you will sometimes even feel a little shy. For carnation lovers, tradition is very important to you. Your down-to-earth attitude and innate ability to keep confidence makes you one of the most loyal and trusted friend. As a result, you are always surrounded by loved ones who come to you for guidance. For someone who likes Lily, you are a nurturing person. In fact, people are drawn to you. A few words from you can make people feel worlds better. It is no wonder many say you would be a great therapist! However, you should not feel like you have to ease everyone’s troubles, your caring alone accomplishes more than you realize. It’s all….and now you can check which flower do you like most and compare it to yourself.


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