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Monday, March 27, 2006

Rock steady.....

Last two night, I went to "Pesta Konvo" to watch a competition of "Battle of the Band" at Padang Kawad UTM. The competition started almost 9.00 pm. I went there by bus with my friends, Yani,Sue,Dila and Baini. Before that, we take a dinner at CP while waiting for a bus. When we arrive at "Pesta Konvo", we rushed to the main stage and take a seat. There were 10 groups which involved in the competition such as Wastibambee, Realiti, T.H.Y.A.L and others. We could vote to any group which we like by SMS. The SMS can helped them to win that competition.For my opinion each group has their own syle and personality and all of them have their good performances.But i felt sad because i cannot stay there until the competition lasted. So that i don't know the winner of the "Battle of the Band". I only knew that the third prize is Wastibambee's group from my friends.....


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