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Monday, March 27, 2006

Nice experience.....

Emmm...now i want to share someting with all of you.Last weekend, about 5.00 pm i play badminton with my friends, Tikah, Bie,Dila and Are-Da at H25 Kolej Tun Fatimah (KTF). I also round the KTF colledge with my bicycle.Actually, i felt very healthy after a long time i don't make any exercise and involve in any sport. After that, we went to UTM lake.... for your information we went there by 2 motorcycles. Dila, Bie and me ride on one motorcycle without any safety helmet. But we are lucky because not faced with any security guard. At the lake, we bought a delicious ice-cream. I saw so many people at the lake especially the graduated student with their families. I also saw a group of graduated students took their pictures with the sunset scene as their background. So beautiful.... i think that is a great day for them!!!


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